Money Should Be Fun,
Not Stressful.

The Budget Guide by Tyler Smith

Download the free guide that helps you get clear about your money.

Packed with video instructions, tips, and examples, The Budget Guide will teach you how to get your budget up and running in 2 hours instead of 2 months.

It's time to become so financially secure that you forget it's payday.

Personal Finance Coaching

I also offer private online coaching to accelerate your financial growth—even if you have debt or have failed at budgeting multiple times in the past.

Meet some of my coaching clients

“Tyler was knowledgeable, empathetic, and patient. I now feel in greater command of my finances, which has lowered my stress levels and improved my relationship with money and budgeting. I highly recommend Tyler as a coach.”

Mike Vardy, Founder of

Mike Vardy

“Tyler is easy to work with and understanding of wherever you are in the budgeting process. I highly recommend using YNAB, and Tyler does a great job making sure you are getting everything out of the platform that it has to offer!”

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

SVP Finance

“This has changed the way we budget and it's awesome! Tyler was very very patient with me and helped me with every step along the way. Our money is now a month old and we are loving our new budgeting lifestyle. Thanks, Tyler!”

Marcus Voght

Marcus Voght

Music Educator