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I am Tyler Smith, the owner of Tyler Smith Consulting LLC, where I provide financial coaching services. With over a decade of experience in the translation and localization industry, I am also certified as a budget coach and possess a strong background in purchasing and procurement. Through personalized and friendly coaching, I assist my clients in overcoming disorganization and stress related to their personal finances.

I tailor my approach to each individual's financial objectives, personality, and strengths. I've helped over a dozen awesome clients achieve their goals, whether they involve debt repayment, expense reduction, or wealth accumulation. Witnessing individuals take control of their financial present and future brings me immense satisfaction.

Tyler's Story

I started blogging back in 2008 while studying at Brigham Young University as a way to share my experiences with personal productivity, personal finance, and technology.

I earned a master's degree from The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in 2012 where I founded Globe Multilingual Services, a student-driven language services provider that offers a range of translation, localization, documentation, and consulting services for companies and non-profit organizations who wish to expand their global or mutlilingual reach.

Tyler Smith Presenting To Students At The Middlebury Institute Of International Studies At Monterey
The founding of Globe Multilingual Services

I can trace my fascination with personal finance back to the high cost of my education. Commencing my career in a relatively low-paying industry while shouldering a burden of over $70,000 in student loans fueled my interest in managing personal finances effectively.

As I progressed in the translation and localization industry, I struggled to prioritize my financial responsibilities. Recognizing the need for budgeting, I found myself unsuccessful in maintaining a personal budget using spreadsheets.

It was then that I discovered You Need A Budget (YNAB). Their dependable budgeting method and software instilled a passion for personal finance within me, propelling me to pay off all my student loans, acquire my first and second homes, avoid credit card debt, invest for retirement, and triple my net worth over the past three years.

I continue my career in the localization industry, focusing on supplier management and reducing costs for my employers, which have included MediaLocate, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lingotek, and Questel.

I launched this blog in 2018 under my personal brand and established Tyler Smith Consulting LLC. Apart from my professional commitments, I dedicate a few hours each week to coaching a select number of clients on their personal finances.

My objective with this website is to empower individuals to enjoy the confidence and fulfillment that arise from taking charge of their finances. I craft articles addressing budgeting and personal finance, endeavoring to address numerous inquiries and direct readers to valuable resources.

Additionally, I have initiated a newsletter through which I share insights garnered from my experience as a financial coach and lifelong learner. I extend my invitation to join me on this journey by subscribing to the newsletter.