11 Ways To Get 200 Dollars Fast (And What NOT To Do)

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Are you in need of some quick cash? Are you looking for ways to get 200 dollars fast? It can be difficult to make ends meet when you're strapped for cash, so it's important to know how to get money quickly when the need arises. Fortunately, there are a few creative ways to get your hands on extra money quickly, but warning--getting a little bit of quick cash probably won't solve your problems in the long run. To do that, you'll need to learn the basic skills of budgeting and money management, including how to increase your income and manage your cash flow. For now, here are some legitimate ways to get paid quickly and a list of ideas to avoid.

Legitimate ways to make money quickly

Sell items you can temporarily live without

Old electronics, furniture, or clothing might fetch a good dollar on eBay, Craigslist or in an online marketplace. For instance, I recently sold an old laptop I wasn't using anymore for $260 on Facebook Marketplace. I've sold countless unused items over the years to local people on online marketplaces. In my opinion, this is the single best way make money fast and probably one of the best ways to make $200 in a day.

Check your bank account

This sounds dumb, but it's worth checking to make sure you don't have a bank account that you've forgotten about. This actually happened to me for two years when I moved away for graduate school. Finding extra money you've hidden or forgotten about is always a nice surprise, but I realize it's probably wishful thinking in most cases.

Ask friends or family for a loan

Nobody likes debt. But if you're in a pinch and need cash fast, friends and family can be a great source for a loan. They'll likely be more understanding about repayment than any other sources of money. And if it's a trusted person, you may even be able to get away without paying interest or fees. Just make sure that you create an agreement and both parties sign it so there won't be any confusion if the situation ever changes.

Take on odd jobs

If you don't want to part with any of your items and need cash quickly, consider doing odd jobs in your local area to earn money. Small tasks like mowing lawns, pet sitting or helping out with errands can add up to some extra money that you can use for an emergency. Consider using apps like Rover, Wag, Taskrabbit, Fiverr to get paid for your services.

Make money driving your car

Uber and Lyft are two popular ridesharing apps that will pay you to drive people around your city. If you've got a reliable car, driving for Uber or Lyft can be an excellent way to pick up some extra cash. And if you're already paying for parking and insurance, then why not get paid to drive?

Get paid to grocery shop

You can make money by delivering groceries. Instacart is a grocery delivery service that will pay you to shop for groceries at local stores and deliver them to customers in your area. The average Instacart shopper can expect to make around $15/hour plus tips. And if you're looking for an easy way to get paid quickly, then this could be the perfect fit.

Make $200 fast by putting up Christmas lights

This is a seasonal opportunity to earn money that might sound ridiculous, but it can actually be a great way to make some extra money. If you're willing to bundle up and brave the winter weather, then there's plenty of people out there that are willing to pay for your services. Simply hang up Christmas lights in exchange for cash and you could easily make a few hundred dollars in one day or less!

Participate in focus groups

Focus groups are a great way to make money quickly. Companies will pay people to participate in their focus groups, which typically consists of answering questions about product feedback or giving opinions on different services and products. Some focus groups offer incentives of hundreds of dollar per hour. You can sign up for focus groups with companies like User Interviews or Respondent.

Cash back

This idea only applies if you already have a reward credit card that offers cash back and you've forgotten to redeem your points for a while. If that's the case, then you should know that you can actually make some money by cashing in those points. So take a look at your card statement and see how much cash back is available to you.

Rental income

If you have a spare room or even an entire house, then consider renting it out for short-term rentals. Airbnb is one of the most popular options for short-term rentals. You can make a decent amount of money by listing your place on Airbnb or local classified ads and taking care of the guest experience.

Selling blood or plasma

Now we're getting truly desperate to make 200 fast, but this works...I had roommates that did this for rent money during college. Selling plasma or donating blood is a great way to make money in a pinch. Just keep in mind that it might take a few weeks for you to get your payment.

Ideas to avoid when you need to make 200 fast

Getting a payday loan

Whatever you do, do NOT get a payday loan. Payday loans are extremely expensive and should be avoided at all costs. The interest rates on payday loans can easily exceed 400-500%, and it's easy to get trapped in a cycle of endlessly owing money. So if you're looking for ways to make $200 in a day, this isn't the way to go.

Spend money you don't have on a credit card

It might seem tempting to put the expenses on a credit card when you need to make $200 fast. But doing this will only put you in more debt and can lead to long-term financial problems. So if the money isn't already there, then it's best to avoid this option altogether.

Playing games or gambling

This is never a good idea. Gambling or playing games for money can be incredibly risky and you could easily lose more than you make. So if you're looking to make $200 fast, then this isn't the way to do it.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money over time, but it's not something that you can do overnight. You'll need to spend some time setting up the website, creating content and building your audience before you start seeing any real money coming in. So if you're looking to make $200 fast, then this isn't the best. You'll spend 200 dollars way before you see your first income.

Real estate investments

Investing in real estate is another way to make money in the long run, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Real estate investments require a large sum of money upfront and there's always some risk involved. So if you need to make $200 fast, then this isn't the way to go.

Investing app

If you're looking to make 200 dollars fast, then I'm guessing you don't have extra money to be putting into risky investments. Investing in stocks, ETFs and other financial instruments through an investing app is a great way to make money over time. However, the stock market can be unpredictable and there's always the risk of losing money. So if you're looking for a quick 200 dollars, then this isn't the best option.

Conclusion: how to get 200 dollars fast

Overall, there are plenty of legitimate ways to make $200 in a day if you're willing to put in the effort. Some of the best options include taking surveys, cashing in your credit card rewards, renting out a room or house and selling blood or plasma. However, there are also some ideas that should be avoided, including getting payday loans, spending money you don't have on a credit card and playing games or gambling.

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