Helpful Conversations


May 7, 2024

I recently replaced the home page of my website with two simple words: "Helpful conversations."*

So, what does a helpful conversation look like? Here are a few I've had over recent weeks.

A consultant working 60-80 hours per week realizes he'd be very satisfied making 30% of his current income in exchange for having a life to spend it on.

A finance executive's stress visibly evaporates when he realizes he could be so much happier if he bought a house 10 minutes inland instead of right on the beach. A comparable lifestyle at a fraction of the cost and without the burden of feeling house poor.

A married couple rekindles their friendship after purposefully spending money on date nights and a babysitter.

These are the stories I love to hear. These are the conversations I love to have.


*A tagline I shamelessly stole from one of my role models, Mark Butler.

❤️ My Favorite Things This Week

📚 Book - Honestly, I have disliked the books I've been reading lately. I especially disliked ​The Wealthy Barber​. Please send your recommendations. Any genre! A friend of mine recently convinced me to buy a couple of classic Westerns at a used book store for a couple bucks, so I'm excited to give those a try.

🎵 Song - "Nicht zu langsam" by Amanda Maier (​Apple Music​ | ​Spotify​ | ​YouTube​). A pretty song for violin and piano. A piano-playing friend of mine and I like to play music together sometimes (I play the violin), and he sent this to me as a suggestion, but we cannot find the sheet music anywhere.

🎬 Movie - ​Insonmia (2002)​. A lesser-known Christopher Nolan flick starring Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank. It was pretty fun. Again, send me your recommendations...I am experiencing a post-Dune-Part-2 lack of inspiration.

🎙️ My New Podcast Episodes

🎩 ​The Many Hats Of An Entrepreneur​ - A new series where Steve and I interview people who are experts in the various business functions small business owners may want to consider outsourcing.

✍️ Quote Of The Week

It showed him the eternal error people make in imagining that happiness is the realization of desires.

From ​Anna Karenina​ by Leo Tolstoy. Resurfaced by ​Readwise​.

Ok, so if happiness is not the realization of desires, then what is it? And what is the realization of desires if not happiness? Food for thought!

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