Hiding Money Isn't The Answer


May 28, 2024

I used to be a money stasher.

I'd put cash in little places around the house, including in books and boxes in the closet.

I opened multiple bank accounts and stashed money where I hoped I'd forget to look.

I really enjoyed "finding" money later. It felt like a nice surprise, and I guess it made me feel financially secure in the back of my mind. My own little version of, "There's always money in the banana stand!"

In 2014, I discovered a bank account with $4,000 in it that I'd completely forgotten for over 2 years!

As a coach, I really enjoy hearing about all the creative methods people devise to solve their money issues. At the end of the day, there's one thing that works for EVERYONE.


The founder of YNAB has referred to the platform as a tool for "ruthlessly rooting out self-deception." I love that.

What type of self-deception was I engaged in when I was hiding money from myself? I'll let you speculate! 😂

Over the coming weeks, I'd like to explore some of the ways I've been involved in self-deception and how budgeting [the right way] has helped me become a more honest, integrated human being.

That's right. Money is deep. Buckle up!

Have a great week!


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