Why We Feel Lost Sometimes


June 15, 2023

A client and I had an insight this week as we chatted: we spend so much more in this life than our money.

We also spend our time and our attention.

We can spend our money, our time, and our attention in a “default” way, which tends to be the path of least resistance.

Or, we can spend with intention.

We use a budget to spend our money in alignment with our values.

We use a calendar to spend our time in alignment with our values.

We use a to-do list to spend our attention in alignment with our values.

Most of us don’t feel lost because we don’t know how to track our money, use a calendar, or write a to-do list.

Most of us feel lost because we don’t practice connecting our daily actions with our values.

If you’re feeling a little frazzled, a little lost, or lacking a little intention in the way you spend your money, time, or attention, I invite you to have an open conversation with me at no cost and no obligation.

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Introducing "It's Not About The Money" - A Podcast by Steve Nay and Tyler Smith

My friend Steve Nay and I started a podcast two months ago where we talk about our experiences starting businesses while working full-time jobs. (Are we crazy? Maybe…)

Steve is an accomplished software engineer starting a tax preparation business, and of course I’ve started a one-to-one coaching business on top of my day job as a purchasing director.

We’re both brand new to podcasting and business ownership, so if you enjoy watching people learn from their mistakes, grab your popcorn. 🍿

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