Starting the engine

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Today I am publishing my first post on this site. I want to write substantial essays as a way to improve my thinking and writing. I also want to apply principles learned from the book "Show Your Work," which teaches the importance of creating regularly and learning in public. To move forward on both goals, I've decided to divide my writing on this site into two sections. This post is published on the blog page. It contains updates and shorter thoughts which are anything less than a full, well-edited essay.

I'm using Webflow to build this site per Nat Eliason's recommendation. This takes some learning. Fortunately, Webflow has a library of video tutorials that enabled me to start. I could easily procrastinate writing in favor of updating the look of this site, but I'm trying to make a place to practice thinking and writing, not a place to learn web design. In his article, Nat states, "If you spend more than 4 - 6 hours setting up the V1 of your site you’ve overthought it. Whip up something rough to get started on, and if you can stick to publishing regularly then you can invest in making it pretty."

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